One comment on “A long forgotten realm II – Are dreams alive?

  1. Hello Wídanaz, I am new to this blog and must say you really publish very interesting articles with even more interesting topics. This one in particular made me think a lot and surely I am gonna try to practice for lucid dreams (interestingly yesterday I had really strange dream and today I realised I saw this particular post, so I looked it up and just finished reading).

    To your nightmare:
    It actually remind me of one pagan ritual during winter solstice (i.e. christmas eve), where they let their door open and bed prepared for sleeping (the sheet lying in bed was put a bit aside to make it look like you can just lie in bed and cover yourself) all the night long, to invite their ancestors in their home, to be “together” again and to show good will and respect to their forebears. As I recalled this ritual within your dream, maybe you should not lock the door, but instead try to find out who was in your dream with you. It would also make sense, that you did not see him, after all, you only feel the spirit of the past, dont you? Generally open doors means something like “you can come in”. Your judgement on this was that it is a nightmare, but was it really? One should not be scared or panic, when your ancestor is near you (even in the dream), but instead try to recognize him as one of his own.

    I hope my suggestion helps you to maintain it better next time.


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