10 comments on “Introversion vs. Extroversion

  1. A big part of my life I was introverted, still I am, but not as much. Still, I like the quiet and like you, I love forests, rivers…and just hear the sounds of nature and get annoyed if music is being blasted in the background or people talking loud. I hate big, crowded cities, public transport.. Sometimes I am a bit antisocial and can’t really explain why…maybe because this rotten society I lost quite a lot of the trust in people. Even more so with non-europeans.

    But yet, if you have good friends or just one friend who you can talk to freely and without hiding your ideology, thoughts…that’s the best. Or even brothers/sisters too.

  2. Oh, I accidently deleted one point I think. Here it is:

    They are much better in expressing their opinion through writing then through speaking, because when writing you can take as much time as you want to think over the things you have written and correct errors.

  3. I can claim all of those traits. I have been very introverted and quiet my whole life but can talk excessively about topics like philosophy, history and politics. I detest the cities and am poor in social situations. It is hard to express feelings to someone without having to put a lot of thought into it. Precise words are needed to accurately describe what I am thinking. Introverts have an entire sprawling word inside their mind but need so much time in order to express it. it really is a gift but can be a great obstacle to more immediate worldly interactions.

    Introverts were really meant for more pure and simple times.

  4. I had never thought much about me being an introvert, but once I read your list, I realised that I identify with every single point you presented. One thing I might add, from personal experience is that, even when I am around people I like, respect and am comfortable with, I still enjoy being quiet, and not talking for the sake of talking (scratching our tongues is what we call it). Talking is a means of giving information, when you are talking without saying anything important, you are “doing it wrong”.

    • Interestingly most of the psychologists say that you are already born with an amount of itroversion and extroversion, but I often feel the same way as you described in your comment too.

  5. Reblogged this on Ancestor's Voice and commented:
    A great post about introversion. Personally, I 100% identify with the features of the introverted human being. I will do a post elaborating about introversion, extroversion, the neanderthal man and more.

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