4 comments on “A long forgotten realm – the real meaning of Sorcery and dreams

    • I have been trying it for 2 months now and had 2 so far (both within the last 1 or 2 weeks and both very simple and short).

      The most important thing is to keep a dream diary. Everyone is dreaming several times a night, but most people cannot remember most of their dreams. Before I startet keeping a dream diary I remembered about 1 or 2 dreams a night and not every night. Now it is almost every night 2 – 3, at one day even 5 or 6. The point with this is, that you will learn to know your dreams better and know better what is typical for them (personally I often dream of rivers and of riding my bicycle through the forest). The better you know what is typical for your personal dreams, the more probably it is that you recognize them while dreaming.

      I think the most interesting thing with lucid dreaming is, that it makes us able to communicate with our own subconsciousnes, thus it makes us able to learn about ourselves and recognize ourselves. I think this is in particular interesting if we compare it to the ancient European, pagan reincarnation believe, where children chose, who they want to let to reincarnate as them. So, actually they do not chose, they recognize, they recognize themselves within the dead ancestor. And to recognize yourself, you have to know yourself. And learnig to know and really understand yourself can be done with lucid dreaming.

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