9 comments on “The spirit of European children

  1. Very good article! The story about your drawing is a great example on how pure we are born before we have to face this confusing world. I grew up surrounded by forests and mountains and I always knew that the truth must lie there. Like you did, as a teenager I went to special places in nature to think about philosophical thoughts. “Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia” is placed in my bookshelf (I read it of course) and I’m very interested in Maries theories about the neanderthal and the role of european autism in our (true) culture. I experienced that there is a big gap between european looking people – those who are partly neanderthal in their brains and those who are definitely not. Thats why I’m unsure about whether every child is born pagan or just a small percentage. I’m from Germany too (I live near Stuttgart); I would like to talk with someone in German about Odalism/Paganism and the autistic topic. What do you think about the importance of the neanderthal genes in us?

    • Ich denke, es ist sehr wichtig unsere Neandertaler-Gene zu bewahren, allerdings finde ich auch, daß es Odalisten gibt, die diese Idee deutlich übertreiben. Naturlich wäre es (wie im Artikel erwähnt) am besten (zumindest für die Gene, die die äußerliche Erscheinung bestimmen), einen Partner zu wählen, der so einem so ähnlich wie möglich sieht, aber der Körper allein ist nicht das einzig wichtige, der Geist ist mindestens genauso wichtig. Ich bin blond und blauäugig und meine Freunding bzw. Verlobte hat braune Augen und Haare, sie hat zweifellos mehr Homo Sapiens Gene als ich, aber das wichtige ist, daß sie körperlich wie geistig trotzdem Europäisch ist. Ich weiß, daß ihre beiden Großmütter blaue Augen hat, das heißt unsere Kinder werden vielleicht und unsere Enkelkinder werden ganz sicher die Möglichkeit haben blond und blauäugig zu sein.

      Ich kann erinnern auf Atala gelesen zu haben, daß der Eisbär einmal beinahe aufgrund sich verändernder Umweltbedingungen ausgestorben wäre und sich daraufhin mit dem Braunbär oder Grizzlybären vermischt hat. Die Gene des Eisbären sind in diesem vorhanden und können sich bei Bedarf wieder durchsetzen (Stichwort Eiszeit).

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  3. The Pagan spring has been absent too long. You have voiced thoughts that I have had in my heart for some time. I am the same age as you, and over the years I have reawakened with the help of the forests, rivers, and mountains that surround me. Thank you for this enlightening article. I will be sure to pass it along to others.

  4. European children have the purest of our ancestral spirit within them. As you say, European children are born as Pagans. They instinctively know about a proper order within nature and what role each entity should play in the grand scheme of life. Men and women each have important roles to play and should feel no shame in doing so. They know that nature is our greatest benefactor and provider of life because it is what gives us our entire European religion. I had always had similar thoughts to yours when I was younger. Everything in nature died and was reborn or reappeared at some point, so why should we be any different? I did not understand why we should practice a foreign religion instead of our own belief system that was based on nature. Why should we practice a Hebrew religion that has destroyed so much of our own heritage? This is obvious to children.

    Let us greet the Pagan spring with much joy and happiness.

  5. I’ve had similar thoughts, I would also “philosophy” a lot when I was younger. Sometimes I imagined of what would everything be like if I didn’t exist (?)

    I was also surprised to find that paganism had some things in common with my way of thinking…
    The bad thing is that I didn’t grow up where I was supposed to (like England or Germany)…
    I don’t have an “easy” (it is easy, but for other circumstances it is not for me) access to the mountain, or anything like that.

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