3 comments on “Humans are like Books: Eternal Rebirth / Is Death something sad?

  1. You really hit the nail on the point with this article! What you described here is the main thought of the european religion which is based on life and nature here on earth without the fictional nonsense from weak minds spread by abrahamic religions.

    I experienced the same like you at the funeral of my grandfather. Since childhood I felt a strong connection to him. Living on top of a hill in a nice small wooden house sourrounded by trees high over the valley of the river elbe he inspired me quite early. I think I instinctively knew I was a younger version of him. And then when he died there was no real grief for me. Everyone of my family wept at his funeral except me until a special point of the funeral speech hit me emotional: The orator described the life of my grandfather in short and said at the end something like this: “Surrounded by mountains he lived in a wooden house in the forest where the animals live.” Then I have shed tears because all the beautiful memories overwhelmed me and I realised the connection between his life and mine. I knew he was not really gone.

  2. ‘My grandmother is not dead. She lives. I am her and I am living. I have not died. I simply stopped using one of my bodies, that grew too old. My book became old and used, but I have written down the content into a new book, and now the old book burned, but the book still exists.’

    We know that the race is the organism, the folk body. Do you believe that you as an individual is reincarnated right down the family line to another individual born after you are dead? Or that all those living and dead are merely the same. After your living conciousness ends at the end of your individual life, after a time to when another birth occurs in another generation, do you then live as them?

    For example, I resemble very much my great grandfather. He died 14 years before I was born. Are your thoughts that i could be his reincarnation.

    If the population of the race is expanding, or if there is a bottleneck, more individual conciousnesses are being transmitted in expansion, and less in a bottleneck, waiting to be rebirthed. Have you ever thought about this? In that your grandmother would be living in all her unbastardised descendents, and perhaps really comes again in another family birth.

    Also, if someone in your family miscegenates, are you cursed with coming back as a brown person? Or then it becomes the life of another, the inferior race/species.


  3. The punishment for racial death, is that the reincarnation stops, or that you are cursed to come back as a useless brown person?

    I have always thought coming back as something lesser than yourself would be a deserved punishment for not being strong enough, but i have also thought that the life should end and that mongrel then is one of the inferior primitive thus genetically dominant race. For example, is it your reincarnation cursed with being a suffering worthless mongrel, or after a racial crossing does it then become the transmission of the other race. But then i also think that they don’t have ‘souls’ for lack of another word and they are just here to make trouble for us.


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