2 comments on “Can we remember our ancestors’ lives?

  1. There was a swedish scientific study ~2012? where they proved that peoples characteristics changed over generations to adapt better to environment stresses. (famine was the main target of the study).

    The amazing thing is that it was not the children of those suffering the famine that adapted it was the children of the children. So that supports some of you theory.

    My father also talked if a bad virus came it would force us to leave homes and head to the hills, this was in the 1980’s……….race memory of black death?

  2. This might be true… I just wonder what kinds of things I must have inherited in that way. Would dreams count aswell?

    Would you also think that in a way, your physical body is reborn into nature as it rots and then all that organic material becomes part of a plant or of many plants and then of an animal or many animals? In this sense every plant or animal would have a part of you (or your children or anybody) in them, and when you eat a plant or an animal you are returning back what you had before…

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