14 comments on “Fear of the dark, but not of the silent?

  1. VERY good. Maybe we are the walking part of plants… In a way, of course. You should follow the videos on the cult of the bear, you will learn more about that…

    • Thank you! Yes, I have simmilar thoughts. Everything is part of one big system/rythm.

      P.S. I am already following the videos on the cult of the bear and I really like them 🙂

  2. It’s gonna happen, soon or later. And everything’s gonna came back to the right order of things. That’s why I, personally, feel calm in the middle of all this mess. We cannot lose. As Knut Hamsun said: “The day will come, maybe tomorrow or ina hundred years, but I can wait. I have enough time. It doesn’t matter if I’m dead or alive. I can wait and I’m going to wait”.

    By the way, also in Basque mythology one of the most sacred symbols was the oak. All the oaks. In old times, if some basque make a promise, they do it under an oak, because it was like promise something under the eyes of the highest authority. The most important bounds of life were taken under oaks. Marriages, for example.
    The most important oak in Basque culture it’s the Guernika Oak (Guernikako Arbola). This days, we have a grandson of the original tree. And one of the most typical diplomatic gifts that the Basque goverment sends to foreign countries it’s, of course, a sprout of the Guernika. Even the Lehendakari (the “president” of Basque Country) must take oath under the oak. Of course, things like modern “presidents” and “dimplomatic gifts” means nothing. But it’s a nice thing, anyway, to see that the tree symbol has not disappeared even in young Basques.
    After all, one of the most strong theories about the etymology of “Basque”, is that the word came from the latin “boscus”, meaning “bosque”, “forest”.

    Every day I found more connections between trees and ourselves. Every time I try to explain something about ancestry, heritage, race, Good, Evil, etc, I found in the trees the perfect ground for comparations. I think that the whole “The Decline Of The West” by Spengler can be related to that notion, too.
    Even with the parasites that has no land or roots, and go flowing through the air and then attack some tree and begin sucking his life and trying to kill him, you have a good example for a lot of things we’re suffering today.

    Anyway; a beautiful and enlighting post, as usual. Thanks to Marie and thank you, Varg.



    • Wow, that’s really an awesome custom! Reminds me of the white tree of Minas Tirith in Tolkiens mythology.

      We have a related word to “boscus” too in german: “Busch” meaning bush, forest or hedge.

  3. PS: When I say “ourselves” (“Every day I found more connections between trees and ourselves.”) I mean we, europeans. But can apply, of course, to every person of any race who wants to preserve his own heritage pure.

  4. If that was true, shouldn’t be night active, fruit eating animals, like some kinds of lemurs, who are dependened on light indirectly, also be scared in the dark?

  5. Well I’ve given this some thought and this is what I’ve come to the conclusion of… so why would there be nocturnal herbivores. Also please keep in mind I’m not disagreeing just curious on other opinions to these thoughts… everything in the world needs light, water, earth, and air to survive that’s what makes our planet inhabitable… I think its absolutely a possible instinctual emotion, but its just as relevant as any other thing associated with night. I mean to say yes food for thought but I don’t see the relevance other than survival which is not only associated with dark. I think its instinct to survive whether in the dark or not… I think survival is the real main point here. Not dark, light, heat, cold those are merely factors that contribute to survival. undoubtedly applicable however! I alsowould like to apologize beforehand if this comes across as rude or anything such as that. Only intemd discussion even though I have a tendancy to come across very blunt 😉

  6. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, though this idea isn’t even a proper speculation when you look at it from inside. If you research on children and on kleinian/lacanian psychoanalysis you will find a very well working wheel and an answer to the fear of the dark. It’s a matter that has nothing to do with speculation and everything to do with empirical research.

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