4 comments on “Running

  1. True, it’s important to wear the shoes appropriate for running, but you don’t buy `running shoes’, you just buy shoes that are appropriate for running. The name `running shoes’ is just how they advertise things.

  2. The post is motivating and good to read. Thanks.

    No argument against your English – I only meant that it’s important to use good shoes, but it doesn’t mean much if they are marketed as running shoes or not. You can as well choose something from the ordinary ones that will make your running comfortable and safe, just as much as you can still make a wrong choice even among the shoes that are marketed as such.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Running when you are overweight puts ALOT more stress on your legs and feet than is good. Also given that if you are overweight your body has also lost strength conditioning. If eg. you were 70kg when a teenager but now 100kg at 40 years old that is too much to run with! Imagine running carrying 30kg weights!

    I agree running is one of the main exercises we should do. But please gentle rolling jog or walk until excess fat is off.

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